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招标编号:           0706-14400002J057
IFB No.:             0706-14400002J057
The Tendering Party:CGN Delingha Solar Energy Co., LTD.
The Tendering Agent:China National Technical Import and Export Corporation
China National Technical Import and Export Corporation (CNTIC), hereinafter called as the “Tendering Agency”, for and on behalf of CGN Delingha Solar Energy Co., Ltd (hereafter called the “Tendering Party”), invites sealed bids from eligible suppliers home and abroad for the supply of the following service by way of International Competitive Bidding.
1. 项目简介:
Project brief: 
CGN-Delingha 50MW Solar Thermal Power Generation Project is located in Delingha Solar Industrial Park in Qinghai province, about 7 km from Delingha city. It covers about 2.5km2. And the altitude is about 3000m. The planning installed capacity is 100MW. This project is the first phase with 50MW.
This project will adopt the parabolic solar energy power generation technology. There will be 190 parabolic through collector (PTC) loops, a molten salt heat storage system (heat storage can meet the needs of electricity at full load for 7.5 hours) and a 55 MW high-pressure intermediate-temperature and single reheat.
2. 招标范围及工期:
Bidding Scope & Construction Period:
Bidding Scope:
As the independent third party, the Owner’s Engineer shall be for and on behalf of the Owner of the Project to implement the quality control procedures in each phase of the engineering design, material procurement, construction, commissioning and so on, in order to make sure that the Project finally conform to the intended design. At the same time the Owner’s Engineer shall supervise the Contractor's work process and evaluate his performance. The main contents are as follows:
1) 工程设计审查;
Engineering design review;
2) 项目建设和管理文件审查;
Control and construction documents review;
3) 采购支持;
Procurement support;
4) 项目建设监管;
Project construction supervision;
5) 调试验收管理与最终验收;
Test run and final acceptance;
6) 业主能力发展培训。
Owner’s ability development training;
Construction Period:Within the two years after signing the contract .

3. 投标人资格:
Bidder’s Qualifications:
1) 投标人须在中华人民共和国境内或境外合法注册的,须提供有效的营业执照或相关证明;
The bidder shall legally register in China or foreign countries and shall provide valid Business License or relevant certificates;
2) 投标人及相关技术服务人员要有6年以上类似CSP系统和复杂程度的光热电站的工程设计、建设管理、调试运行阶段的国际项目经验;
The bidder shall have more than 6 years of international experience in engineering design, construction supervision and test run for CSP power plants having similar complexity and system configuration of the Project. ;
3) 投标人应提供近三年的经审计的财务报告,平均每年的营业收入不少于人民币1亿元(或等值外币),平均每年在能源领域的咨询、OE、设计等技术服务合同签约金额不少于人民币3000万(或等值外币);
The bidder shall provide the audited Financial Statements from 2011 to 2013. The average annual revenue of each year shall not less than RMB 100 million (or equivalent of foreign currency), the average contract amount of each year in the field of energy consulting, OE, design or other technical services shall not less than RMB 30 million (or equivalent of foreign currency);
4) 投标人应具有良好的财务状况和信誉;
The bidder shall have good financial status and reputation.
5) 投标人应具有2项及以上50MWe(及以上规模的)槽式导热油(带储能系统)太阳能热发电项目完整的OE业绩,或1项OE业绩加1项详细设计业绩,或1项OE业绩加1项总承包业绩(其中OE业绩要包括详细设计审查、采购技术支持、工程建设管理、调试及试运行技术指导),且上述项目至少已商业运行2年及以上;
The bidder shall have more than two records in field of Owner’s Engineer for parabolic solar energy power generation projects with capacity more than 50 MWe, or one record of OE and one record of detail design, or one record of OE and one record of EPC (OE shall include engineering design review, procurement technical support, project management, test and commissioning), and the project shall have been put into commercial operation for more than two years.
6) 本次招标不接受联合体投标;
Consortium bid will lead to the rejection of bid.
* The bidder must meet all the qualifications, and provide real and effective evidence, and supply the certificate file yearly checked, if not will lead to the rejection of bid.
Purchasing IFB Documents:
* Bidders should submit the following documents before Obtain IFB Documents (the duplicate documents should be with official seal or signed by the Attorney):
a) 2011、2012年度及2013年的财务报表(复印件);
The audited Financial Statements from 2011 to 2013;
b) 法人授权委托书正本、经办人本人身份证原件及复印件。
Original of the Power of Attorney, One duplicate of the Responsible persons Identity Card;
c) 符合资格条件中业绩要求的证明文件(须提供合同复印件)。
The reference list with the copy of contracts as proof in field of similar project which consistent with the Qualifications.
1) 购买时间:2014年10月15日至24日(节假日除外),每天上午9:00至11:00,下午2:00至4:00(北京时间),节假日除外。
Time of Obtain IFB Documents: 9:00-11:00am and 2:00-4:00pm (Beijing time), from Oct 15th to 24th, 2014, (Weekends and public holidays except).
2) 购买地点:中国技术进出口总公司
Place of Obtain IFB Documents: China National Technical Import and Export Corporation
Address: Room 2107, Genertec Plaza, No.90, Xisanhuan Zhonglu, Fengtai District, Beijing 100055, P.R.CHINA.
电话(Telephone):86-10-63349164 /9048
联系人(Contact Person): 鲁晓萱 女士  Ms. Lu Xiaoxuan
王鹏女士  Ms. Wang Peng
账 号:349357516632(人民币)
ACCOUNT NO.: 349357516632(CNY)
Notes: Please obtain the IFB Documents during the period of sale. And Obtaining of the IFB Documents is the only condition for Submitting Bids.
5. 招标文件售价:本套招标文件(包括电子版)的售价为1000元(大写:人民币壹仟元整)或200美元(大写:贰佰美元整),招标文件售后一律不退。此款须在获取招标文件之前或同时以现金的形式交付。如需邮寄(包括图纸),加收人民币100元或50美元。
Price of IFB Documents